Tilted Lids consists of C -NOTE, SNAKE AND THE HAWAIIAN HAMMER. Three white dudes just trying to make it through life. Working the regular 9 to 5 bullshit but constantly fistin brews, poppin prescription meds, and rappin. Grew up in Phoenix Arizona (where its hot as fuck) became tight after after meeting in school and finally said fuck it lets do this rap shit. AZ needs to be held down with some kinda of musical influence which its lacked forever. So Snake and Note have decided to drop a bomb across the AZ scene and watch it spread throughout the US of muth fukin A. Connecting with alcaholic, Skaters, stoners, hip hop heads, gangstas, punk rockers, breakers, and just about anyone that has an open ear to hear some new shit. Personally I think C-Note just wants to get big so he can try to work backs on Hillary Duff... Whatever it may be The Tilted Lids sound will be coming to a store, venue, a party, or even Snake and Hawaiians favorite place a STRIP CLUB near you.
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